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Kaleafa is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary near Hazeldale, located only 20 min (8.6 mi) East of Hazeldale via OR-10 E. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Hazeldale, OR and beyond. Get Directions.

Hazeldale, OR (Medical & Adult Use) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

While Kaleafa may not be the only recreational dispensary in the area, it undoubtedly offers the best combination of selection, service, and value. Cannabis buyers have their choice of more than 700 products, ranging from diverse strains of high-quality cannabis flower and convenient pre-rolls to edibles and beverages. Concentrates and extracts like shatter, wax, diamonds, and RSO syringes are also available for those looking for an extra potent experience. Kaleafa even offers a wide variety of non-traditional cannabis preparations like topicals and tinctures, alongside a full suite of CBD products.

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I can always count on Kaleafa for a good selection, good prices, good discounts, and outstanding budtenders. Jess helped me today, and she was amazing. She listened to me and went the extra mile to make sure I got exactly what I needed. She was cheerful, easy to talk with, and knows what she's doing. It's a pleasure to shop here!

Fractal Spirit Review via Google

I love this place, been going exclusively to this dispensary for over a year now! The staff has changed recently, but Wes still makes great recommendations and the new people are very nice. They always have a huge selection and reasonable prices with deals running all the time. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been already.

Sarah Review via Google

Had the greatest experience at the Kalefa Beaverton shop today. Carter helped me pick a nice selection and their prices were amazing! Very professional and polite staff and will definitely be back!! Highly recommend Kalefa and Carter as a tender! ✌️

Chris Matilszki Review via Google

Hazeldale's Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting from Hazeldale? Things to Know

To be sure, the quick trip makes Kaleafa’s convenience a major selling point for cannabis buyers from Hazeldale. But there’s a lot more to offer than a short drive. Kaleafa offers some of Oregon’s finest cannabis flower, ranging from stimulating sativas to chilled-out indicas, and a full selection of hybrids. Pre-rolls make it easy to take your favorite weed on the go, as do Kaleafa’s many marijuana-infused edibles, like gummies, chocolates, mints, baked goods, and other delicious snacks. There are even THC beverages, alongside tinctures, topicals, and other preparations. In addition, lovers of extracts have their choice of potent, effective concentrates for a variety of uses. Plus, daily deals on some of your favorite products mean it’s easy to save without sacrificing quality.

Is weed legal in Hazeldale, OR?

Yes, as it is throughout the state of Oregon. Adults over age 21 can possess up to two ounces of marijuana flower in public places or eight ounces in their homes or other private settings. The law also permits possession of one ounce of extracts (like kief, wax, shatter, or resins), 16 ounces of solid THC-infused items, or 72 ounces of THC-infused liquids or beverages. However, smoking in public or driving under the influence of cannabis remains against the law.

Other Reasons to Visit Kaleafa from Hazeldale

Beaverton has a lot more going on than just great weed. Right around the corner from Kaleafa, the Beaverton Town Square mall offers a wide variety of stores and restaurants. Central Beaverton also provides a thriving business district nearby, perfect for an afternoon or evening stroll. Those who’d prefer some time in nature can enjoy several peaceful neighborhood green spaces, including A.M. Kennedy Park.

Getting Here from Hazeldale

The drive to the best dispensary near Hazeldale is a simple one of just a few miles. Starting from the intersection of SW Farmington Road/OR-10 and SW 209th Avenue, head west on OR-10. After roughly 5.4 miles, Kaleafa will be on the right, between SW 109th and SW 110th Avenues.

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