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  • Cannabis tinctures

    How to Have a Hangover Free Holiday (and your best ‘Dry January’ yet)

    New Years is all about making resolutions to be adventurous and try new things. This year, we are putting cannabis-infused beverages on our list for new experiences. Cannabis beverage brands are getting creative in bringing new ways to elevate your state of mind. New drinks come in all sorts of flavors and desired effects. Your …

    How to Have a Hangover Free Holiday (and your best ‘Dry January’ yet) Read More »

  • Cannabis cinnamon cookies

    Most buzzed about holiday strains / top strains of 2021

    Every year marijuana strains new and old, compete for popularity on the marketplace. Weed trends are fascinating to track as they come in and out of favor, month to month, and year to year. Let’s take a look back at which strains won 2021

  • Kaleafa Budtender predictions

    Kaleafa’s Budtender Predictions for 2022

    Terps & Smells With The Seasons While the summer can bring the heat, it seems like winter will always bring the fire. We’ve found that more customers are looking for gassier terpene profiles this holiday season, which we anticipate will extend into the colder months of 2022. Of course, when summer vibes roll around it …

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  • A variety of cannabis deliverables

    The Biggest Cannabis Trends of 2021

    Holy smokes! Is it almost 2022 already? Time flies when you’re having fun. Speaking of fun, 2021 was quite the doozy. So much is happening in the industry – before we jump into 2022 let’s take a quick look back at the big trends that are shaping the weed industry.

  • Cannabis podcast

    Best cannabis podcasts to start your day with

    Certainly, you’ve heard of podcasts and probably have a favorite few that you can’t stop listening to, but have you heard of Pot-casts?

  • Southern Oregon indoor cannabis grow

    Illegal Farms are Hurting the Oregon Cannabis Industry

    In 2015, when cannabis was legalized by the state of Oregon there were expectations for strong market growth, stiff competition and a windfall of tax revenue flowing into the state. What was unknown, was the effects of that legalization would have on the underground market for growing cannabis. Southern Oregon is at the northern tip …

    Illegal Farms are Hurting the Oregon Cannabis Industry Read More »

  • Kaleafa Cannabis 101

    Cannabis 101

    Part of Kaleafa’s mission is educating our customers on the wide variety of cannabis products we carry as well as their different effects and use cases.

  • Cannabis Dispensary Magazine

    In Oregon’s saturated cannabis market, the owners of the Kaleafa Cannabis Company believe two major factors help them stand out: variety and value.

  • Kaleafa 60 freshness guarantee

    60 Days Fresh

    Kaleafa strives to offer the finest flower from exceptional farms around our beautiful state. We partner with an amazing group of growers and now have our grow as well in Southern Oregon.