Feel Right

Feel Right cannabis products are high quality edibles, dabs and cart packs available exclusively in Oregon. The strain specific edibles come in a variety of fruit flavors and combinations of THC and CBD. The strain specific extracts also come in a variety of fruit flavors and potencies.

Feel Right Product Line

The Feel Right cannabis line includes:

  • Feel Right Gummies: 2:1 Watermelon, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: 10:1 Blueberry, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: 1:1 Cherry, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: Blackberry, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: Grape, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: Marionberry, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: Pear, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: Sour Apple, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Gummies: Strawberry, 100 mg
  • Feel Right Syrup: 1:1 Blueberry, 1000 mg
  • Feel Right Syrup: Green Apple, 1000 mg
  • Feel Right Wax: Blackberry, THC 75.24% CBD 0.16%
  • Feel Right Wax: Cherry, THC 74.54% CBD 0.17%
  • Feel Right Wax: Grape, THC 76.36% CBD 0.13%
  • Feel Right Wax: Marionberry, THC 73.43%
  • Feel Right Wax: Pear, THC 75.21%
  • Feel Right Wax: Sour Apple, THC 73.26% CBD 0.18%
  • Feel Right Wax: Strawberry, THC 75.02% CBD 0.12%
  • Feel Right Wax: Watermelon, THC 73.26% CBD 0.13%

Feel Right FAQs

What is different about Feel Right products?

Feel Right gummies, syrup and extracts are offered as an expensive option for cannabis enthusiasts seeking high quality products on a budget. These vegan, gluten-free flavored cannabis products are typically available for a price between $6 and $18, with the syrup priced at just over $50 in Oregon. This product line now is developed with the same approach to unique and select cannabis options offered by other cannabis producers, but at a discounted price for these high quality offerings.

Feel Right Reviews

The fruity flavors offered in a variety of Feel Right gummies and wax receive positive comments from Feel Right users, who also praise the Feel Right brand’s commitment to budget-friendly cannabis that doesn’t short-change quality. Check with your local dispensaries in Oregon to identify where the Feel Right brand of cannabis products can be purchased and on availability of their wide variety of flavors for both gummies and sugar wax extracts.

Where to Buy Feel Right Cannabis Products in Oregon

Come See Us!

Feel Right products are sold exclusively as high quality cannabis for enthusiasts on a budget at Kaleafa Cannabis Co. dispensaries in Oregon, including locations in Ashland, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Woodstock and Tigard.

Buy Feel Right Cannabis Products at Kaleafa Cannabis Co. Dispensaries

Kaleafa Cannabis Co. is one of Oregon’s first retail cannabis retailers, with a proud reputation for quality over its long history of serving customers in its numerous dispensaries who are shopping for cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, beverages, topicals, tinctures, and CBD products. The Feel Right cannabis brand can be found in Kaleafa Cannabis Co.’s Oregon dispensaries. Stop by today to learn more about Feel Right, an exciting brand of cannabis products that contradicts the assumption that high quality cannabis must come at a higher price.

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