Cannabis 101 – What are the Benefits?

The exciting thing about cannabis usage being normalized is that we’re able to learn more and more of its clear benefits. The prohibition scare-tactics in terms of cannabis seem to be bygone and now we’re seeing a substantial shift in the medical industry in considering how cannabis can help a wide range of ailments.

Those that deal with chronic pain and neuropathic illness can see endless benefits with a regimented cycling of cannabis products in several forms of ingestion. Those affected by epilepsy have seen a major increase in quality of life with the usage of CBD.

Cannabis has shown effectiveness in dealing with dietary issues, helping stabilize blood sugar levels and promoting appetite. Studies have shown that cannabis can be a major sleep aid for those suffering with insomnia and restlessness.

Micro-dosing cannabis, meaning intaking cannabinoids without enough THC to have a precepted high has been seen to be a benefit for those dealing with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Many athletes and those dealing with muscle inflammation swear by the use of CBD to help relax muscles and contributing to their repair.

All of these benefits are largely based off of the type of strain and process of ingestion for each individual to get the most out of their experience. Looking at the medicinal benefits doesn’t even begin to highlight the recreational benefits of cannabis that lead to mood upliftment and creativity.

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