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Cannabis 101 - Concentrates

Dabs, wax, shatter and extracts may very well be the future of cannabis. The process of vaping concentrates is almost as scientific as how they’re produced. Dabbing involves vaporizing the cannabis concentrate at a high heat and is than inhaled through a rig. Dab hits are loved for their potency and impactful experience.

In terms of efficiency of THC usage, you will struggle to find a form of smoking than the concentrate route. Also due to their extraction process, our dabs, wax, and shatter are packed with terpenes and high percentages of THC which offer an immediate elevation and wanted effects for pain management.

Our variety of concentrates come in gram measurements and are provided by great farms that prioritize a clean and proper extraction. If you’re new to concentrates, we suggest to ask our BudTenders their advice and guidance through our expansive options.