Cannabis Strains

At Kaleafa we always organize our products with a clear display of the item’s strain name and plant type. Knowing the plant and strain is the first step in deciding if the bud is right for you.

CBD: All products labeled CBD have a high, non-intoxicating compound called cannabidiol. The product still contains THC (unless otherwise noted) and terpenes that will still help contribute to a great experience without the elevation. For those looking for medicinal aid and still need function normally.

Sativa: These strains are for those looking to be active. Like a cup of coffee, they help motivate you mentally and physically to make the most out of your experience. These strains are ideal for those that like to create or adventure.

Hybrids: These strains are a cross between indica and sativa plants, meaning the effects are mostly dependent on the terpenes and dominance between one parent plant with the other. Some are sativa forward, others indica. These are the strains that your BudTender is here for, so let them know how you’re trying to feel.

Indica: The indica strains are for those looking to relax. These heady and sedating highs are great choices for those looking to chill after a long day, medicate for pain or unwind from stress. If you’re looking for a quality sleep aid alternative, look no further.

Feel Right: A great part of the relationships we’ve built with our farmers is the variety of options you can find on the Feel Right Menu. These menu items rotate daily so be sure to check with your BudTender on what we’re offering.

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