Cannabis 101 – Cannabis Flower

The strains and plant types of our cannabis has been well thought out by our family to insure a consistent and quality product that offers a great experience that we’re proud of. And all of our flower is preserved in sealed containers that shows all of the information we’ve gone over in the Cannabis 101 section.

Understanding terpenes as well as THC is key in getting an experience rather than just a high. When our BudTenders show you a recommended strain, they will commonly open the container so you can get a better look and smell of flower.

Terpenes are what makes the cannabis have such a pungent scent and hue. Often, the more pungent the scent the greater the amount of terpenes present in the plant. As the plant ages after cultivation, the terpenes begin to evaporate, meaning the less pungent and developed the fibrous hairs on the flower, the closer the bud is to expiring.

Our BudTenders are always available to help you make sure you’re getting the great flower you were looking for.

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