Cannabis 101


Flower is available in 3 major strain types: Sativa, Hybrid, Indica and variations thereof. Some strains may be Sativa or Indica Dominant meaning they lean towards the effects of the ‘Dominant” strain.



You will find the flower in our stores displayed in order from left to right:

CBD flower is high in CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis and hemp, and much lower in THC and are perfect for those looking for the CBD benefits while still enjoying a good smoke.

Sativas are like a cup of coffee. They help motivation, energy, focus and solid choices for daytime.

Hybrids are somewhere in the middle and can be Sativa or Indica Dominant. Ask your friendly BudTender for more specific info on how you want to FEEL and they can guide you to the perfect choice.

Indicas are the other end of the spectrum. Perfect to help ease pain, stress, anxiety and help with sleep issues. They help you chill.

We always have a variety of options on the Feel Right Menu – great choices for even greater prices. They change daily so check back often or ask your BudTender.



Edibles are cannabis infused foods and drinks; gummies, chocolates, candies and so forth (the options continue to grow) and are a great alternative to smoking. Ask your BudTender for insights and options based on your tastes as well as the dosing the manufacturer suggests – it’s on the package as well.

ProTip: If you’re new to cannabis edibles it’s best to start with the suggested does, wait at least an hour or more and be patient. Activation times can be different between types of edibles and your digestive process.


Vape Cartridges

Using a vaporizing process is convenient, easier on the lungs and some people prefer it to smoking flower.  Cartridges come in ½ grams and full grams and in a wide variety of strains, flavors and that also includes CBD options.

We carry what we believe are the best brands and extensive line of Kaleafa brand cartridges at varying price points.



Commonly referred to as “dabs, wax, shatter or extracts” and are offered in 1 gram sizes. Dabbing involves vaporizing the cannabis concentrate at a high heat and is preferred by many enthusiasts for the potency and experience free of plant material. Ask your BudTender to walk you through the various options.



These are Cannabis or CBD infused balms and lotions you apply directly the skin for pan relief, inflammation or soreness for example. You get the relief cannabis can provide without the psychoactive properties.



Tinctures, we offer THC and CBD options, are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that you use by dropping the recommended dosage under your tongue. Activation time is faster than with edibles and varies person to person. These can be a great way to start if you’re new to Cannabis or CBD. Like edibles we suggest starting small and working up as you see how they work for you.



You can always find a nice selection of Cannabis or CBD pre-rolled joints for sale at our locations and they change daily. They are convenient, economical and ready to go.