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We understand walking into a new dispensary can be overwhelming. Our educated staff of Budtenders are here to help you!

Our team has prioritized your personal experience, making each of our stores as navigable and intuitive as possible. We pride ourselves on stocking the finest variety of cannabis products that fulfill a range of needs: from chronic pain management, mental fatigue, dietary aid to mood upliftment.

We’ve developed this guide to help you find the exact experience you’re looking for. Each person’s experience is unique, and understanding your body chemistry and knowing how you’d like to feel are the first steps towards the Kaleafa experience we’re proud to provide. Understanding the topics we’re discussing in our Cannabis 101 will help you find your preferred benefits from cannabis, be it medicinal or recreational.

How do you want to feel?​

A major breakthrough for your experience with cannabis is understanding the ways your body can react and respond to different strains of cannabis due to plant type, terpene profile and type of usage (smoking, ingesting, or applying on the skin). Each component affects the next.

Ultimately, your first consideration should be what your plans are when you’re using cannabis. Are you relaxing at home? Going on a hike? The spectrum of experiences is wide, which is why a good first question would be, “Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?”

Indica and sativa are the two major cannabis plant types that are responsible for every strain of cannabis you see at Kaleafa. Indica strains commonly provide a sedative and body high that promote a range of feelings such as relaxation and sleep-aid.

Sativa based strains are often known to provide more cerebral experiences, such as euphoria and upliftment which is a dynamic addition to exercise, social functions and creative projects. It’s worth noting that body and mental composition can always be a factor in how each individual reacts to a strain.

Hybrid strains are a balance of the two parent plants resulting in a strain that offers a combination of effects. Our stores highlight which effects are in the forefront by noting if a strain is more indica or sativa dominant.

After choosing the characteristics you’re looking for, you may want to consider the right strain in that profile. New cannabis customers often believe that high THC levels are what decides a strain’s effectiveness, but the dynamics of a strain and your elevation can be a bit more complicated than that.

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