Top 10 Best Vape Cartridges & Pens in Oregon (2023)

There’s no way around it, vaping weed is getting just as popular as tried-and-true smoking. Luckily, if you do prefer to vape cannabis instead of smoking, there is no shortage of top-notch brands in Oregon that deliver what you need. You can find the best disposable weed vapes Oregon provides and top Oregon vape carts lining dispensary menus in all your fave strains. To help you track down the experience you want, we’ve pulled together a list of the best vape carts and disposable vapes in Oregon.

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The 10 Best Oregon Vape Carts and Disposables

1. Afterglow Forbidden Fruit Distillate Cart

  • THC: 82.10%
  • Lineage: Indica

If you’re all about a strain-specific experience, be sure to find the Forbidden Fruit vape carts from Afterglow. Forbidden Fruit has been a crowd-pleaser for a while thanks to its parents (Tangie and Cherry Pie). You get this scrumptious mix of tart cherries and citrus and a punch of head-to-toe relaxation.

2. Select Sour Diesel Cliq Pod Disposable

  • THC: 86.50%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

Take a true classic on the go and enjoy a gravity-fed Cliq Pod of Sour Diesel from Select whenever needed. This hybrid strain is a true cannabis all-star, and this vape version made with Select’s Elite oil is just as easy to appreciate. With flavor notes from the strain itself and an intense ability to hit hard with uplifting euphoria, you’ll want to keep this disposable on your shopping list.

3. Avitas Blue Lemonade Vape Cart

  • THC: 70.90%
  • Lineage: Sativa

In the world of weed, Blue Lemonade is a cross between LemonBarZ and Blue Steel known for its heady Sativa-leaning effects. This single-strain-origin Blue Lemonade vape cart from Avitas is just as pleasing with a legit heady buzz and all those flavors that make the strain a top choice. You get hints of rich blueberries and lemon zest and a true Sativa experience with an energetic effect that can have you ready to get active.

4. Hellevated Mango Dragon Disposable

  • THC: 84.80%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

If you’re looking for the best disposable weed vapes Oregon has to offer, Mango Dragon from Hellevated is one to watch for in dispensaries. This flavorful vape is a tongue-tempting mixture of juicy mango sweetness and a hint of spice. And, the effects are head-spinning with just the right amount of relaxation, euphoria, and, interestingly enough, aphrodisia.

5. Winberry Farms Durban Poison Distillate Cart

  • THC: 90.07%
  • Lineage: Sativa

For shoppers looking for the strongest Oregon vape carts, the Durban Poison vape cart from Winberry Farms definitely delivers. With a THC range of over 90 percent, loads of strain-like flavor, and intense effects, it really is no wonder this one is a top choice. The Durban Poison weed strain is known for its creative energy and ability to set you in a blissful mindset. And, the vape cart bearing the same strain name has similar effects.

6. Dr. Jolly’s Cascade Lavender Live Resin Cart

  • THC: 73.04%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

Dr. Jolly’s is a local producer and known for bringing to life some of the best vape carts in Oregon. The Cascade Lavender vape cart is the perfect example of what the brand does best: live resin. With all the terpenes intact, you get a flavorful vape that is about as close to the strain as you can get with the full spectrum of cannabinoids to boot. Floral, spicy, and just a hint of sweetness, this vape is smooth from the hit to the after-effects, which can be described as chilled enlightenment.

7. Bobsled Star Struck Live Resin Cart

  • THC: 74.05%
  • Lineage: Indica

When you appreciate the full flavor of weed without the smoke, live resin Oregon vape carts are the way to go. And, the Bobsled Star Struck Live Resin Cart is the perfect example. Modeled explicitly after the strain, this vape cart is a true Indica example with its ability to send you right into a dreamy state and good sleep.

8. Buddies Brand Gushmints Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Carts

  • THC: 84.38%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

Well-known as one of the best vape carts in Oregon, the Gushmints Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Cart from Buddies Brand is a true winner. Buddies Brand practices a Soil to Oil production process, which means no additives, no cutting, and only live resin. The Gushmints cart offers a collection of sweet pine and berry flavors and a heavy-handed uplift that leaves you utterly relaxed and happy.

9. Kaleafa Bruce Banner 1:1 Gold Cart

  • THC: 39.98%
  • Lineage: CBD

For a more therapeutic experience, you really can’t go wrong with a Bruce Banner 1:1 Gold art from Kaleafa. This cart delivers balanced amounts of THC and CBD just like the Bruce Banner strain itself. Therefore, you get just a bit of uplift with all the balancing effects of CBD to pull you through what ails you. A lot of shoppers consider this one of the best vape carts in Oregon for things like aches and pains or problems with sleep.

10. Hellevated Peach Cobbler Vape Pen

  • THC: 84%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

Another pick for the best disposable weed vapes in Oregon from Hellevated, the Peach Cobbler vape pen is potent, peachy, and nothing like Grandma’s cobbler. This vape is known for serving up an interesting collaboration of euphoric focus and cuber body vibes that will have you ready for bed.

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