Top 10 Best Edibles in Oregon (2023)

Edibles in Oregon

Prefer to find your way to cannabis-gifted euphoria with edibles instead of smoke? No doubt, the Oregon marijuana edibles lineup gives you ample options. The mature cannabis market in the state has breathed life into some of the best edible choices, no matter what type of edibles you choose. Naturally, certain brands of Oregon edibles make the list as top picks time after time. Check out this collection of recreational edibles in Oregon that you won’t want to miss when you visit one of the Kaleafa dispensaries.


The Best Edibles in Oregon

1. Feel Right Gummies

Sometimes, you need gummies that hit just right, and this pick is undeniably one of the top picks for the purpose. Feel Right Gummies are strain-specific gummies infused with 10 mg of THC each, and this brand has one of the largest collections of flavors and cannabinoid combinations to pick from. Look for choices like 1:1 CBD and THC Cherry, 10:1 THC and CBD Blueberry, Strawberry THC gummies, and Sour Apple THC gummies.

2. Grön Chocolate Bars

If you prefer Oregon marijuana edibles in chocolate form, be sure to track down Grön Chocolate Bars at least once—you won’t be disappointed. The brand offers both mini bars and standard-size bars in flavors like Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate, and each bar is modeled after a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid cannabis strain. These chocolate bars melt in your mouth and send you straight into a euphoric mindset.

3. Fruit Lust Syrup

Fruit Lust Cannabis Infused Syrup is a quick dose of cannabinoids in sweet syrup form. Each package of syrup contains 250 mg of THC, which makes these Oregon edibles ideal for pairing with a drink or taking by the drop or spoonful to carry you through the day. Fruit Lust is a well-known brand in cannabis vape carts because everything they make serves up loads of flavor and clean extracts—Fruit Lust Syrups do just the same in flavors like Mango, Peach, and Watermelon.

4. Smokiez Gummiez

Gummies are undeniably a top choice in Oregon marijuana edibles, and some brands simply stand out from the pack. Smokiez Gummiez is a shining example of what a gummy experience should be: flavorful, reliable, and perfectly dosed. Smokiez offers a broad collection of cannabinoid combinations and flavors. A few favorites include Sour Green Apple + CBG and Sour Blackberry CBN and THC gummies.

5. Drops Cannabis Jellies

Drops is a big name in recreational edibles in Oregon, partially because they offer one of the widest collections of gummies in the entire state. Drops Cannabis Jellies come in a range of classic flavors, including Blueberry, Strawberry, Orange, and Lemon. But, even better, you can get different cannabinoid combos like 4:1 CBD:THC or 1:4 CBD:THC. You don’t even have to commit to a full pack because Drops Cannabis Jellies actually come in singles for a one-serving experience.

6. Hellavated Gummiez

Often touted as the best edible in gummy form, Hellavated Gummiez come in awesome flavors like Razberry Blitz, Mango Dragon, Grape Stomper, and Strawberry Haze. Each container of these Oregon edibles contains 10 gummies, each gummy delivering 10 mg of THC. And, all it takes is one to make your way to a totally elevated place where all is right with the world.

7. Hush THC Sizzurp

One of the newest types of Oregon edibles to show up on dispensary menus, syrups are like a concentrated cannabis drink. Hush THC Sizzurp is a top pick among locals, and it’s not without reason. A little truly goes a long way, which makes syrups great for microdosing or making your own cannabis-infused cocktails. Pick up flavors like Marionberry with 250 mg of THC per bottle or go for a 1:1 Pineapple Passion Sizzurp with equal amounts of CBD and THC.

8. Magic Number Weed Drinks

If you prefer Oregon marijuana edibles you can sip, look no further than Magic Number Weed Drinks. Magic Number offers a collection of natural seltzers and natural sodas, all of which are crafted with quality ingredients and live resin from a single strain of cannabis. Pick from options like Ginger Beer Natural Soda, Berry Seltzer, or Mandarin Lime Soda, all of which serve up 100 mg THC per 12-ounce can.

9. Mellow Vibes Live Terp Jellies

All about serving up unique vibes, Mellow Vibes Live Terp Jellies are made with cannabis distillate, which retains the integrity of the live terpenes. Each mouthwatering jelly is refreshing, vegan, and made without artificial colors or flavors. The flavors are modeled after specific weed strain collaborations like Watermelon R*ntz, Mango Guava – OG Kush, and Tropical Fusion – Maui Wowie. And, Mellow Vibes offers a few picks of 1:1 CBD:THC gummies for a more mellow experience. Each jelly delivers roughly 10 mg of THC.

10. Peak Extracts Strain-Specific Chocolates

Something special occurs when chocolate and cannabis collide, and these Strain-Specific Chocolates from Peak Extracts are the epitome of special. The brand keeps things simple by incorporating extracts from specific strains, which means the effects of the chocolates are similar to the effects of the cultivar itself. Plus, Peak Extracts chocolates are made with gourmet chocolate, absolutely vegan, and gluten-free. Look for strain-named chocolates like Hindu Dakini and N. Lights x Kush.

The Best Places to Get Edibles in Oregon

Looking for the best edibles in the state of Oregon? Find the top recreational edibles in Oregon at Kaleafa dispensaries in Beaverton, Oregon City, and Gresham. We build our menus based on both customer demand and product quality. Be sure to check out our recreational menus to find the best edibles and order your picks ahead for quick pickup when you arrive.


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