Top 10 Best Cannabis Edibles for Sale in Washington State (2023)

Need the best edibles in Washington? No doubt, whether you want weed drinks, gummies, or chocolate, you can find it in WA. With so many upstanding brands bringing innovative products to life in the state, it can be hard to decide when you visit the dispensary. But, some edibles always make the list as the best. To help you find your way to the top choices, check out this list of the best marijuana edibles in Washington State.

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The Top 10 Best Edibles in Washington

1. Hot Sugar Fruit Drops, Hard Candies, and Chews

Hot Sugar is known for offering the best edibles in Washington, and it’s for good reason. Hot Sugar Fruit Drops, Hard Candies, and Fruit Chews are prime examples of what the brand does best. Chews and Drops come in a range of options, such as Banana Sativa Live Resin Fruit Chews, 1:1 Watermelon Fruit Drops, 1:1 Peach Mango Fruit Drops, and Dipped Apple Sativa Live Resin Caramels. If you prefer Hot Sugar Hard Candies, you’ll be just as pleased with options like Sour Lemon Pothead and Root Beer.

2. 4.20 Bar Chocolates

The 4.20 Bar is hands-down one of the most recognized names when it comes to the best chocolate edibles in Washington. The brand offers a tantalizing collection of mini bars that contain 10 mg of THC per piece in flavors like Milk Chocolate + Hemp Crunch, Milk Chocolate + Toffee, and Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt. The 4.20 Bar collection also offers unique rosin-infused mini chocolate bars in flavors like S’mores and Dark Chocolate & Coconut for a full-spectrum experience.

3. Fairwinds Drink Mixes

Weed drinks have grown to be some of the most requested edibles in WA. However, with Fairwinds Ready-to-Mix Drink Mixes, you can turn any beverage into a cannabis-infused drink. Each powdered mix contains 10 mg of THC and can be mixed with everything from plain water to your favorite tea or sparkling water. And, the THC is fast acting for a more scalable experience. The flavor options include Tropical Hawaiian, Strawberry Lemonade, Margarita, and Piña Colada.

4. Journeyman Jellies

Vegan, gluten-free, and made with all-natural ingredients, Journeyman Jellies are always a customer favorite. These jellies come in a range of flavors like Tropical Jellies, Sour Jellies, and Berry Jellies. However, you can also pick unique cannabinoid concentrations to carry you through your desired journey with picks like 50:1 CBD and THC or 1:1 CBD and THC.

5. Green Revolution Wildside Shots

All the cannabinoids you want in a small liquid package, Wildside Shots from Green Revolution are one of the best marijuana edibles in Washington State. These cannabis-infused drinks contain nano-emulsified cannabinoids for rapid absorption, which means you get a faster onset of effects and more control over the experience. Look for delicious flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, and Pineapple Orange Guava.

6. Ceres Capsules

While capsules are often left out of the edibles lineup, we had to include Ceres Capsules on our list of the best edibles in WA. These capsules are made with CO2 cannabis extracts and come in different formulas, so customers can pick their preferred experience. For example, Cerec Chill Indica Capsules contain 10 mg of THC and Kava Kava to promote relaxation and target tension headaches or pain. Ceres offers nine unique formulas of capsules in its full collection like 1:1 Balance with CBD and Moon Cycle with 3:1 CBD and THC.

7. Flav Belts

An interesting twist on a familiar cannabis edible favorite, Flav Cannabis-Infused Gummy Belts are delicious, potent, and fun. These sour gummy belts come in flavors like Blueberry, Mango, Rainbow, and Pink Lemonade, and each belt serves up 10 mg of THC. The beauty of these belts is the fact that you can choose how much you want to consume—break off a small piece for a low dose or a little more for a higher dose.

8. Emerald Mountain Summit Candies

Summit Candies from Emerald Mountain offers some of the best chocolate edibles in Washington State, partially because the brand has one of the broadest selections available. White Chocolate Amaretto, White Chocolate Orange Dreamsicle, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate Bourbon are only a few examples. Each individually wrapped square contains 10 mg of THC, and the squares are easy to break into smaller pieces if needed.

9. Mari’s Mints

Created by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Mari’s Mints are bite-sized, perfectly dosed mints in a range of flavors like Wintermint, Strawberry, and Watermelon. Each mint is formulated for a certain preferred experience as well, and they come in a convenient, reusable tin for storage. One reason Mari’s Mints have grown to be known as one of the best edibles in Washington is the brand’s many options, such as Fulfill mints with a 1:1 THC and CBD blend and Replenish Mints with only CBD.

10. Green Revolution Doozies

If you like the idea of edibles with different CBD and THC ratios, Doozies by Green Revolution delivers. These gummies come in roughly a dozen different flavors and cannabinoid ratios, such as Pure Pear with 10 mg THC, THC Fly with 10:1 THC and CBG, and Marionberry 2:1 Chill with THC and CBN. Pick your flavor and pick your experience in the form of a gluten-free, wholly vegan edible.

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