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The Best Dispensaries in Oregon (2023)

Whether you reside in the Portland area, traveling to Eugene, touring one of several national parks or on your way to the coast in the southwest area of the state, you can visit some of the best dispensaries in Oregon. A state with a rich cannabis history, Oregon was the first state in the U.S. to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in 1973 and declared recreational cannabis legal in 2015. This has led to an abundance of cannabis retailers selling medical and recreational marijuana across the state. Here are the best weed dispensaries in Oregon 2023.

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Best Dispensaries in Oregon (Portland Region)

Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Portland, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

Kaleafa has been a part of the cannabis market in Oregon from the beginning, starting with its first medical marijuana dispensary opening in Oregon in 2014. We have become known as the Northwest’s premier dispensary experience since those early days. Our dispensaries are becoming more popular throughout the region, with 10 now serving customers throughout Washington and Oregon. We strive to consistently source the finest and purest cannabis products and to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Kaleafa also prioritizes customer service, taking pride in hiring and developing the most knowledgeable and friendly staff. We want to ensure that you find the right products for you at the right prices.

Kaleafa dispensaries offer an impressive selection of high-quality cannabis products, including:

  • The finest, premium cannabis flower
  • High-purity cannabis concentrates and extracts
  • Enormous pre-roll selections
  • Top quality cannabis edibles
  • The very best therapeutic tinctures and topicals
  • High-CBD products

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The 60-day fresh flower guarantee

Kaleafa is so committed to providing only the finest quality cannabis flower to its customers that it guarantees that all flower sold in its dispensary is at least 60 days fresh. We take this seriously, so on the 61st day, we discount any flower by 25% that has not been sold to keep only the freshest flower on our shelves at normal pricing. That’s our dispensary’s commitment to quality and to our customers, who deserve only the freshest, purest flower from the best farms.

Other Oregon Kaleafa Locations

Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Beaverton, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

Our dispensary 15 minutes west of Portland offers the same high-quality cannabis products and customer service that has made us a premium retailer in the region. Our goal each day is to offer customers the best experience in cannabis shopping.

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Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Gresham, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

We are located 35 minutes east of Portland via Interstate 84, offering an impressive selection of cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, extracts and other products. We provide our customers the most, competitive prices and a helpful staff to answer all of your questions. 

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Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Hillsboro, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

Our dispensary 30 minutes northwest of Portland proudly serves the region’s cannabis customers with exceptional products and customer service. We cater to customers who are shopping for cannabis for the first time, as well as those experienced enthusiasts who are seeking something new to try.

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Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Oregon City, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

Come visit our dispensary 25 minutes south of Portland to satisfy all of your cannabis needs. Our Oregon City dispensary offers the same great 60-day guarantee – all of our flower is fresh, less than 60 days old, and guaranteed to meet our commitment to quality.

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Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Tigard, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

For those cannabis customers who live southwest of Portland, our Tigard dispensary focuses on great flower, edibles, extracts and concentrates, along with an impressive collection of accessories. We meet all of your cannabis needs and ensure that our budtenders can help answer all of your questions.

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Best Oregon Dispensary (Eugene)

The Greener Side in Eugene, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

As Eugene’s oldest licensed cannabis dispensary, The Greener Side stresses product quality and customer service as its top priorities. The dispensary, which opened in 2012, maintains a deep dedication to empowering its customers, patients, and its community through education and advocacy. The dispensary has earned a reputation for its impressive selection of cannabis products, competitive pricing and compassionate staff. It is locally owned and operated, with a commitment to providing reliable access to quality cannabis products. Customers receive individualized attention, with special consultations available for medical marijuana patients to discuss treatment options.

Best Dispensaries in Oregon (South Region)

Kaleafa Cannabis Co. in Ashland, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

Kaleafa again stands out among Oregon’s finest cannabis retailers. Its reputation as a leader in the Northwest is seen in its dispensaries across Washington and Oregon, committed to providing the best retail cannabis experience. Kaleafa delivers consistently high-quality cannabis products and the best customer service for new and seasoned marijuana enthusiasts.

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American Cannabis Company in Medford, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

American Cannabis Company boasts an exhaustive selection of cannabis products, with a commitment to customers to find what they need if they don’t have it in stock. Because they serve both medical and recreational cannabis users, the dispensary focuses on customer experience and education. The staff offers individual consultations to discuss cannabis benefits and products to meet the individual needs of customers. They also offer to help compare products and medicines, depending on health conditions being addressed by cannabis. The dispensary strives to make cannabis affordable for all, with generous specials, daily deals and both a loyalty rewards program and a friend referral program.

Best Dispensary in Oregon (East Region)

Sumpter Nugget in Sumpter, OR
Type: Recreational

The Sumpter Nugget dispensary is not your ordinary cannabis retail store. In addition to offering a selection of recreational cannabis products, the dispensary is the only “Bud & Grub” in the region. Its cafe offers a unique place to relax and enjoy. Opened in 2017, the Sumpter Nugget offers an interesting menu of specialty candies and other edibles. The veteran-owned dispensary boasts the best selection of marijuana products in the region and a cool place to hang out. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the world of cannabis, the Nugget brand offers a variety of products, from high-THC strains to handcrafted solventless concentrates and CBD options.


Best Dispensary in Oregon (Bend)

Green Cross Cannabis Emporium in Bend, OR
Type: Recreational and Medical

Green Cross Cannabis Emporium features its own indoor-grown cannabis among its marijuana products sold at the dispensary. It has earned a reputation for high-quality flower, edibles, extracts, concentrates, cartridges, edibles and tinctures. Located in the scenic Bend community, Green Cross emphasizes a one-stop shopping experience for all of your cannabis needs, including a large selection of smoking supplies and accessories. The dispensary in OR also earns high marks for customer service from knowledgeable budtenders ready to assist patrons with all of their needs.

Best Weed Dispensary in Oregon (Central Region)

Green Knotts in Madras, OR
Type: Medical and Recreational

As one of the first licensed dispensaries in central Oregon, Green Knotts started as a medical compassion facility in 2015. It continues to evolve as a patient-focused dispensary that also helps guide more experienced cannabis users who want to grow their own plants. Green Knotts calls itself the “workingman’s dispensary,” offering quality cannabis products at affordable prices, including flower, edibles, extracts, concentrates, tinctures and topicals. As one of the largest dispensaries in the region, Green Knotts also offers a large selection of glass and smoking accessories.

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If you are planning a trip to the Portland area in Oregon, you should plan to visit us at Kaleafa Cannabis Co. We are proud to be known as the best dispensary in the state because we work hard to serve all of our customers throughout the Northwest who consume and enjoy cannabis. We offer an exceptional shopping experience with an extraordinary selection of cannabis products and accessories. Our staff is available to serve your needs and to answer your questions about cannabis.

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