Kaleafa’s Budtender Predictions for 2022

Terps & Smells With The Seasons

While the summer can bring the heat, it seems like winter will always bring the fire. We’ve found that more customers are looking for gassier terpene profiles this holiday season, which we anticipate will extend into the colder months of 2022. Of course, when summer vibes roll around it calls for customers asking for sweeter sativas with strains like Pineapple OG and Super Silver Haze. But, with the decreasing temperature and continued COVID mandates, we will see Oregonians looking for strains closer to GMO and Cookie Dawg, both hybrid strains stemming from Chemdawg known for its relaxation effect to help take the edge off.

The More You Know

Trends are showing customers looking for more specific information when it comes to purchasing vapes and extracts. This is occurring because both categories are maturing in the cannabis space and, currently, the shopping experience is vastly different from what you see from flower and edibles. Both products lack the ability to smell the physical product and often will not disclose terpene profiles on labels. If you are an experienced cannabis consumer, you often purchase by these two elements and will even know the effect you’ll have with a strain by the smell alone. This just meaning, as the industry as a whole becomes more savvy, so will the shoppers.

Split It Up Yourself? Dosage Increase? Cannabinoid Specific?

In 2022 Oregon is doubling its mg limit to 100mg per package. This change will bring major shifts in buying behaviors, some we have already been seeing in the stores. Edibles in Oregon are currently capped at 50mg per package, this can be in one piece, or one can pay a bit more for the package to be split up into multiple pieces. While it’s convenience to have the dosage already split up, we are seeing customers opting to do it themselves and save some money in the process.

Kaleafa Budtender predictions

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