How to Have a Hangover Free Holiday (and your best ‘Dry January’ yet)

ladies enjoying cannabis - Dry January

New Years is all about making resolutions to be adventurous and try new things. This year, we are putting cannabis-infused beverages on our list for new experiences.

Cannabis beverage brands are getting creative in bringing new ways to elevate your state of mind. New drinks come in all sorts of flavors and desired effects. Your favorite cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and one to one mixtures are brewed into seltzers, juices, beers or sodas for a refreshing take on cannabis.

These ‘canna-beverages’ pack in the good vibes without the looming dark cloud of a hangover. This holiday season consider bringing a six pack of cannabis – for a having a great time on New Years Eve AND New Year’s Day morning.

But don’t stop there – every January millions of Americans take a break from alcohol in a tradition known as ‘Dry January’. This year we will be happily using these beverages to supplement any moments of weakness and as a great way to wind down any evening. 

From smoking to eating to vaping to drinking – we can’t wait to see where the innovation in cannabis goes next.

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