Best cannabis podcasts to start your day with

Certainly, you’ve heard of podcasts and probably have a favorite few that you can’t stop listening to, but have you heard of Pot-casts?

Student enjoying a cannabis podcast

We’re here to breakdown the five best cannabis-related podcasts to educate, inform and entertain you. So sit back, roll one up and let’s get going.


Seed to CEO is an earful of cannabis information and inspiration as Chris Walsh from MJBiz Daily brings in different CEO’s and thought leaders from around the industry to go deep on the stories behind their success. 
Topics include how to find funding, cultivation, product manufacturing, common pitfalls to avoid, where to find the next opportunity as a cannabusiness entrepreneur, as well as predictions for the future. (Spotify, Apple)


The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast gives you a behind the scenes look at the horticulture industry. They bring in soil scientists, botanists, strain geniuses and plant lovers for hour-long podcasts that enlighten listeners and growers alike about the nitty-gritty behind the gardening of everyone’s favorite flower. (Spotify, Apple)


Keep the good vibes rollin’ with The Roll-Up a cannabis-focused potcast touches on anything and everything cannabis. The trio of hosts including Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman and Hannah Staton bring in guests and personalities from all over the industry to touch on news, ideas, stories and more – always with a touch of humor. (Spotify, Apple)


The Argument is a New York Times produced podcast – on October 20, 2021, they released a thought-provoking episode focused on the legalization of cannabis and how its new found standing in the United States would open the door for legalizing more banned substances in the future. (Spotify, Apple)


Cannabis is an emerging market with immense potential to the upside, The Cannabis Investing Podcast, is our favorite podcast in staying on top of the business side of the industry. It’s worth a listen for investment strategies that can turn grass to cash. (Spotify, Apple)


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